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ScotsyCrafts is a multivendor Craft Site where you can buy Scottish Crafts only from verified, Scotland associated Crafts people, themselves.


The site is a ‘Home for Scottish Crafts’ and a place for you to buy original, contemporary Scottish crafts direct from the makers. All crafters on the site must have a Scotland connection or association. They then need to be approved by ScotsyCrafts before listing their craft products on the site.

Buy Scottish Art direct from the Artist including photography
Buy Scottish Art - Listen Sculpture
Scottish Art direct from the Artist - woodland painting
Buy Scottish art from ScotsyArt, a Scotsy website.

What’s more, ‘ScotsyCrafts’ is the “Leading place to buy Scottish Art direct from the Maker”. The craft site is one of three Art and Crafts websites owned and operated by ‘SCOTSY’, trading as ‘Art and Crafts Scotland‘.
The other two sites are ‘ScotsyArts’ and ‘ScotsyCourses’.
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There are more details on Scotsy sites below.

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To ALL Scottish Associated Crafters, its worth noting the following – ‘ScotsyCrafts’ Signup info:

“Interested in ScotsyCrafts, Crafter Membership?“. You can view a Signup Video here:

Other SCOTSY Sites:

SCOTSY has two art and crafts sites, in addition to ScotsyCrafts:-

1. ScotsyArt, which specialises in sales of Scottish Art, solely by Scotland associated artists, and
2. ScotsyCourses, which specialises in offering scottish art and craft courses.

You can buy Scottish Crafts on ‘ScotsyCrafts’ web pages and accordingly, you can buy Scottish Art on our ‘ScotsyArt’ website. Also, you can purchase Art and Craft courses from Scotland providers on ‘ScotsyCourses’. The courses include online and in-person arts and crafts Scotland courses, in addition to art and craft holidays.

Links to the other Scotsy sites:

A selection of ‘ScotsyCrafts’ Craft

Add images of actual art on site here: framed picture, fayes print, etc.

‘The Home of Scottish Crafts’

On ScotsyArt, you can only buy Scottish Crafts from Scotland’s craft makers. All out crafts people must be Scottish or have a Scotland association. Therefore, on our pages you will find numerous Scottish artworks of various genres, created by Scotland originators/producers in their own studios. Included are Paintings, Art Prints, Drawings, Photography, Sculpture, Digital Art, Collage, etc.

For those looking for that perfect piece of art, or that individual, special art gift, we would ask you therefore, to do the following:
Go no further than ScotsyArt, (on account that you can shop direct from a Scottish Artist) and purchase something special and distinctive, that is associated to Scotland.

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